The top of the DVD cover.

Double G is a live action romantic movie.


Gina Lash and Gordy Rhinehart have constantly been in love with each other. Now that it they are adults, they decide to marry and Gina becomes Gina Rhinehart. Unfortunately, Nanette tells Gina that it is what the name of Australia's richest woman is, and shows Gina a poster for a Ford Freestar. Gordy politely tells Nanette to stop, and then Nanette takes Gordy to the mansion. Gordy says that the luxurious things are nice, but he would rather be with Gina. Nanette tells Gordy that because of his lifelong maturity and politeness, he should stay with her, not with a so called 'fat' lady. That night, Nanette was luckily convinced and Gordy ran to his and Gina's new house. Gina was very happy and exaggerated by jumping around happily like a 3-year old in a toddlers' animated program would. They later went to bed and in the morning, Gordy remembered to collect the mail until the family dog was delivered. Gordy read his mail, and it said; To Gordy, my gentleman. Please come to our party today. Your lifelong playmate, Johnny is there! From N. Manoir. Gordy got to the family's VW Beetle, and set off for the party with a curious Gina in back. Nanette had won Gordy 12 gifts. Jimmy Jamal, who was then working as truck driver, delivered the gifts. Johnny Abatti and Gordy shook hands. Gordy and Gina were dizzy and headed home. They agreed that no matter whatever wacky hijinks they get into, they still ove each other.