The two people had a baby. He was called Oliver Rhinehart. Then, Emma Rhinehart dropped off a new dog to be the next Fabio. Nanette turned up in a limo and grabbed the handsome, thin Gordy. Gordy was happy, but deeply missed Gina, Oliver and the new Fabio. Nanette suggested divorcing to Gordy. Gordy thought it was not the best idea of the world. Nanette realised Gordy still had asthma, so she grabbed a French-built puffer of black and gold. Gordy tried it and was amazed! It worked! Nanette was impressed and Gordy was seated in the ballroom and called Gina. Gina knew how sad Gordy was, and came in the car to take him home. Gordy did a very good job entertaining Oliver, and Nanette decided to only come for visits.


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