Emma (right) and Gordy (left)

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Emma Gordon Victoria Rhinehart is the mother of Gordy Rhinehart and wife of Coach Rhinehart. Gordy loves her.

Emma helps her son, Gordy, recover from his allergic reactions.

In Diary of a Nerdy Kid, she usually calls Gordy 'Gordon', seeing that his his real name in the book.

She feeds Gordy Budgie Burger food when he is sick, as it is convenient.

Voice Actor and Face ModelEdit

Voice ActorEdit

Emma is voiced by Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling.

Face ModelEdit

Emma has the same face model as her son, Gordy. The person to do the face model is Cailin Munroe.


  • Emma is Pan-Welsh.
  • She does not like anyone getting Gordy into trouble.
  • Unlike Coach Rhinehart, she keeps Gordy entirely safe.
  • She calls Gordy her lullaby child.
  • She cares about the whole school.
  • Gordy takes after her.
  • She was horrified when she found what someone had done on a fan art website by slapping Gordy's face onto a buff man's body (It's true! Just Google Images up 'I love gordy Rhinehart' for yourself).
  • She does not like people calling his son a nerd.
  • According to Gordy in the episode 'Water Worries', she has told him that that spraying water is for plants, not people.
  • She was pregnant with Sam in the flashback episode 'Eggnant Emma'.