This is an Angela Anaconda/The Flamin' Thongs crossover movie.


Whale Bay is finally on the map due to a set of affordable town outskirts-style houses built near the Giant Thong and a variety of ice cream flavours introduced to the service station, and Trevor gets a promotion. Narelle is happy for at last getting a chance to leave Whale Bay, and asked if Kevin could come. Luckily, Kevin could come. Holden asked where they were going and Trevor told him it was Tapwater Springs. He also says that due to the town's non-Australian location, they'd have to book a flight. Holden told Rerp he was getting an idea about building a plane to fly the family to Tapwater Springs. When Holden finished the plane, he took it to Port Paradise Airport, where Trevor, for an amount of time, disagreed due to the rivalry between Whale Bay and Port Paradise. He is eventually convinced, because it is the only airport near Whale Bay. They eventually decide against a flight and went by boat. When they got off, they went the rest of the way by bus. Angela Anaconda was holding her lastest meeting with Gina Lash, Gordy Rhinehart and Johnny Abatti at the bus stop. Holden gets off and is surprisingly greeted by Angela. He says his name is Holden Thong, and is introduced to Angela's gang. Angela recruits him and shows him around Tapwater Springs and they end up at Angela's house, home of the gang's treehouse. Angela's mum, Geneva, asks who Holden is. "G'day", replies Holden. "I'm Holden Thong — inventor. I have invented the Wormhole-A-Matic 2000, Scan-A-Matic 2000, Dreaminator 2000 and lots more". Geneva tells Holden he is acting Australian, and he says that it's 'because he IS'. Holden then runs outside to the treehouse. "Hey Holden", said Angela. "Good that you're here. I am here to tell you that in this treehouse, we are enemies with Nanette Manoir, a snobby and so-called Frech girl at school. Here she is in Miss Stella's class' picture" Brenda and Trevor called Holden to their new apartment. The next day, Holden went to school, partly in order to find out who 'this' Nanette Manoir was. He watched the mouths of the kids as the role was called. Holden then had an idea. When Miss Stella was reading, he hit Nanette on the head with one of the thongs he was wearing. Everyone in the classroom gasped. "I say, Holden!", said Gordy. "What did you do that for?" Angela then tells Gordy that he [Holden] was doing it because he was told that Angela's gang hated Nanette Manoir. Holden's parents Trevor and Brenda were rung up, and when they heard what a fuss Holden made of Australia's favourite footwear they went back to Whale Bay and grounded Holden for the rest of the month.


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