Pipe Cleaner Penny and her 'best friend' Rainbird noticing the fighter jets in dismay.


The producer of Crafty-City who let Gordy take over the show.

It was a good morning in Tapwater Springs and Gordy was washing his vest while his mum, Emma, polished his lace-up shoes. Gordy was waiting for Timothy & His Railway Company to com on, but instead he heard about this bad n show called Crafty-City. Then, Candy May came along to ask what was wrong. Then she realised it was the TV. Gordy ran upstairs to Emma and asked if Candy could have a play date. It was agreed. Fabio, Gordy's groomed dog, left a green-and-blue chew toy on a building block. The building block turned out to be a button (the press-able type) and Candy and Gordy ended up in fighter jets that were about to let out bullets. The two kids decided to fly to the office of the creator of the show. Gordy was telling Candy not to be abusive-ish to the creator. The creator loved Gordy and let him do the 18th season of the show. Gordy decided to rename it, have the characters not made out of garbage, and hire different voice actors. Emma and Coach were very proud of Gordy's creativity.


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  • Sam Rhinehart is too young for school, but made a cameo getting off a school bus and into Tapwater Springs School.